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You’re not here just to find an architect. You want a team willing to work with you, to design a Haven that fits who your are and how you want to live.

You want a beautiful Design that stays on budget with a great return on investment.

Think of us as a Workshop with all the tools needed for a successful project. And, unlike other architects, we have actual construction experience. Your contractor will love us.



Whether traditional or contemporary, a country getaway or a place in the city, an addition or a remodel, your home is a reflection of you. It needs to be designed around who you are and how you wish to live.

At Haven, we guide you through the entire process of creating your dream home, from design to permitting to contractor negotiations. We handle all the little details and headaches so you can focus on what matters the most — your future home.

Together we’ll develop a living environment that fits your needs and complements your surroundings.

In other words, a Haven that is uniquely your own.



Commercial design has many complexities in both the planning and building stages — working with multiple consultants, dealing with various agencies, addressing local and international codes, and working with contractors. It can all seem overwhelming.

But that’s where we come in.

At Haven, you get more than just an architecture firm. You’ll have a team of architects, design technicians, and a permitting expert. We have the experience to ensure your project runs smoothly, while staying on budget.



Like any journey, there’s a path you must follow. The trip can have challenges you didn’t anticipate. The Path to your Haven is no different. Here are the major steps along that path and how we guide you through them:


You fill out a Project Planning Packet, we meet to go over it, then go to your home in the case of a remodel, or to your property site.


We create a rough schematic and discuss any changes you want. Compare costs to your budget Then we create a 3d image of your home.


We help select a contractor, get estimates, and revisit costs throughout the process to assure we stay within your budget.


We provide the necessary construction documents for the contractor, engineers, and various agencies.


This can be one of the most challenging steps. But we take the worry off your back. We’re on your side, assuring the success of your project.


If you wish, we will follow the construction process to assure the design is being followed and kept on track.



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