New Office



Known for our successful mixed-use designs, we decided it was time to design one for ourselves.

From advising so many on how to maximize one’s investment opportunity, Haven thought it was time to venture into its own mixed-use development. After finding an ideal lot that allows for maximizing the footprint and density, the team got to work on figuring out how six units were going to fit on a less than a 6,000-square-foot lot. Designing for a living, the team had plenty of ideas but even architects have budgets. The result was to create two similar layouts, turn one ninety degrees and pull the two forms apart to create an interior shared courtyard. This allows for a dynamic design on the exterior while having repetitive interior designs to streamline the construction process. Every square inch of the site is maximized and still provides private exterior space for each tenant. Of the six units, five are residences, and Haven’s new workshop is on the corner.

Features include:
Features: 2-story office • 2-story apartments • flats on the third story with great views • shared courtyard • Square footage: 7,200 square feet total, ~1,200 square feet for each unit


Construction: Bellingham Builders    Photography: Greenwoods Photographic Arts