A Moving Experience

Thinking about moving a building and updating its look? We have the experience and expertise to make it happen.

While partnered in a small development company, Sean was part of a team that purchased an old house on a double lot. The residence was originally built in the early 1900s and underwent a remodel in the 1950s.

The new remodel started with moving the house. A revised entry with a covered porch and eyebrow roof face the street front. The original cabinets were re-used and the residence received new electrical and plumbing throughout. Chuckanut sandstone from the existing basement was re-used for the fireplace, front porch columns, and planter beds.

A second story was added that included three bedrooms, a bathroom, an office, and a family room.

A neighboring home was already in its construction phase so this client had a chance to see what would be built next to them.

Features: 3 bedroom, 3 bath • Attached 2-car garage • Unique Witness Window • Square footage: 3,700 sq. ft.

Moving building

Before moving and remodeling

Revitalized Home

After moving and remodeling


Construction: HBC Homes    Photography: Jim W. Smith

Open Space

Open Space

Open Space


Lake Front Living

You’ve found a perfect spot with a great view, but the lot is small. Don’t worry, with a little creativity we can still make your dream happen.

Because the lot was limited by coverage restrictions, the footprint of the home was not able to be increased, meaning that any remodel would need to be vertically focused. The remodel included: revising the location of the entry, opening up the common space, the addition of 2 bedrooms and a bath, the expansion of the master suite, and a bonus room being added above the garage. The added verticality of the home provides for excellent views of Lake Whatcom. Other unique features of the home include an open staircase, and a large round soaking tub in the master bath.

Features: 3 bedroom, 5 bath • Attached 2-car garage • Garden roof over entry • Square footage: 3,200 sq. ft.

Before remodel

Before remodel

After remodel

After remodel


Construction: Indigo Enterprises    Photography: Jim W. Smith

Full Remodel

Full Remodel

Full Remodel


New from Old

Do you like where you’re living, but your house needs some serious work, maybe even a complete remodeling? We can help.

This was a full house remodel addition including the basement, main floor, and upper floor. They wanted an outside view overlooking the water, so we added a porch on the upper floor.

As this would possibly be their last home, we design it to allow handicapped access from the alley to the main floor.

The old home had water infiltration in its basement that we resolved with proper sealing and drainage.

Features: Waterfront view from top floor • Large outdoor entertainment space • Handicap accessibility


Construction: Hindman Construction

New Look

New Look

New Look


Beach-front Remodel

Our client was surprised at how much we could do despite the small size of their site

The remodel of this existing A-frame cabin with a previous addition and carport was limited to the original footprint by site constraints. The carport became a 1-car garage with a room added above it, while the rest of the house was transformed into a cape-cod style residence. The house was redone on a modest budget, with the owners doing some of the work themselves.

Features: Attached 1-car garage • 2 bedroom, 2½ bath • Loft • 1,500 Sq.Ft.

Total remodel Before

Before Remodel

Cottage Remodel, Whatcom County architect, Sean Hegstad

After Remodel


Construction: by Owner

Growing Family

Growing Family

Growing Family


Andy & Terra’S JOURNEY

How do you see yourself expressed in the design of your home? Tell us your dreams. We’ll make them our top priority.

With a growing family, the need for entertaining and exercise space, and a general updated look, the client decided on a complete remodel. The result was a home built around both the adults and the children’s needs. It has become a wonderful destination for friends and family.

Features: Large chef-style kitchen • 3 levels of outdoor living • Complete master suite getaway oasis • Gaming area off entry


We walked through the house with them and talked about their needs, desires and budget.

They felt their house was dated and wanted an upgrade. They wanted to modernize the whole look and feel of the building without blowing the budget. They wanted to stick with a traditional design but wanted it “clean” as they put it. They were all about cleanliness, function, smooth surfaces, easy to clean, and a lot of light.

But most importantly they wanted their home to be a destination for entertaining friends and a fun place for their children to have friends over.

The kitchen was especially important to them. They wanted it large like the kind you see on television cooking shows. It needed to have a natural flow into the dining and living room space.

And they wanted a dedicated exercise space with lots of natural light.

Remodel for growing family
Living room and kitchen
Three-story traditional home
Book closet
Media room


The rooms in their existing home were small and single-purpose. Our new design opened up the space, creating a flow through multi-use spaces. What was once the living & dining room area became a gathering space for games and entertaining. The kitchen, dining, and living room areas were expanded into the addition. We also included a master suite with spacious bath and window seat.

The lower level provided gaming and entertainment space for the children, as well as an exercise area with reinforced wall for special equipment.




We had a contractor involved early on in the project which helped us stay in tune with their budget. They increased their budget to meet suggestions from their interior designer and for perceived quality of life needs. Though their budget was flexible, we always made sure to stay within their plans.






Back porch
Balcony view to livingroom
Pool room
Sliding doors to room


Because it was a full remodel/addition and the original plans were not available, we had to do precise “as-built” drawings of the existing building. Then we provided the construction documents for the new design, coordinating with a soils engineer for storm water drainage, determining set back requirements, energy code requirements, etc.





Our in-house permitting technician was involved throughout the project, making sure all local building codes were met, and avoiding any headaches for the client.






Porch with view
Rec room recroom
Home construction
Home Construction 2
Home Construction 3


With our precise documentation and the excellent work from the contractor, construction went smoothly, even with last minute changes by the city.

Due to the scope of the project, the client found an alternate place to live during the construction.







Construction: Kota Construction    Photography: Point 2 Studio