Oct 24, 2023

I asked an AI about biophilia. Take a moment to read my interview about one of the emerging concepts in architecture and design.

If you spend time perusing architectural blogs or periodicals such as ArchDaily, Dezeen, or Dwell Magazine you will soon come across a term that might be new to you, BIOPHILIA. Biophilia is a concept that has been gaining popularity in both academic settings and in private development over the last decade, with some beginning to define it as the next generation of architecture. That said, what is biophilia?

MYAI: Biophilia is a concept that suggests humans have an innate connection and affinity for nature and other living things. It’s the idea that we have an instinctual bond with the natural world. Some people believe that being in nature can have positive effects on our well being.

HDW: As residents of the Pacific Northwest, many of us get this sense when we are alone in the forest or see a breathtaking view. As Architects, we have for a long time sensed the value of these elements even going back to early housing regulations when access to natural light and fresh air became a requirement for new multifamily construction.

HDW: But what is biophilia in architecture?

MYAI: In architecture, biophilia refers to the incorporation of natural elements and features in the design of buildings and spaces. It involves bringing in elements like natural light, greenery, and natural materials to create a connection with nature. This approach aims to enhance the well-being and comfort of occupants by creating environments that mimic or evoke the natural world.

HDW: At all scales, we are seeing innovative ways to reconnect with our natural surroundings.  Whether by this definition or not, the connection to the natural world has always been important to us at Haven Design Workshop. In our years working together it has been revealed  that we all have done work in our academic life that focused on the relationship with nature. Bringing that into the real world work we do remains a core tenant to us.

If you are interested, let’s have a conversation about biophilia, sustainability, or one of these cool examples of completed projects with focuses in biophilic design.

In time, I will follow up with more for my interview with an AI and discuss some of the other benefits of using this approach in the generation of spaces for working and living.

Here are a couple of additional articles about the topic, if you are interested in knowing more!



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