Middle Housing Amenities

Middle housing provides a means to fill the gap between single family/detached/suburban-style housing and high-density multifamily building types. It is seen as crucial component in addressing our housing needs while we experience rapid population growth and urbanization. In the Pacific Northwest it is becoming more common to see duplexes, triplexes, and row houses. These are […]

Site Design

Preconstruction site work is an essential and often underappreciated phase in the development of any architectural project. It’s the unsung heroes of this stage—the surveyors, engineers, and environmental consultants—who ensure that the foundation of our structures is solid, both literally and figuratively. They meticulously assess the permeability of the soil, which is crucial for managing […]

Bellingham GIS Tools

I wanted to share this amazing tool with you. It is a web application that shows the current and planned construction projects in Bellingham. You can access it here: COB Development Dashboard (arcgis.com) This tool is useful to the public because it allows you to see what kind of development is happening in various parts […]

Technology in Architecture

Technology is transforming the way we design and build structures. From smart materials to digital tools, architects and engineers are using technology to create architecture that is more sustainable, efficient and responsive to the needs and preferences of the users. In this post, we will explore some of the latest trends and innovations in technology […]

Why ADU’s are a Great Option for Retirement

As the year comes to a close, many are looking toward the future and what the best viable path is. If you are planning to retire soon, you may be wondering where to live and how to make the most of your savings. One option that is becoming increasingly popular is to build an accessory […]

6 Steps to Consider for Project Planning

Step One: Budget No matter the size of the project, an appropriate budget should be the first thing you establish, for all projects you can do this yourself. During this preliminary stage, through careful research you can establish an initial project budget, then once the project design gets moving along you can contact a local […]

Project Planning Packet

The Project Planning Packet is an interactive tool that will help you define your needs and prepare both yourselves and your architect for our first exploratory meeting.   Download your Project Planning Packet    

7 Reasons for using an architect

Ever wonder why people hire architects? Here are 7 reasons why you should consider using a licensed architect for your next project.



Below is a list of commonly used resources during the planning and building phases of any project:

Project Consultants
Firm Development Consultants
Project Credit Fairhaven Gardens
  • Sean Hegstad – Design Architect
  • Kathleen J. Hill – Designer
  • Doug Landsem – Architect of Record