Nov 10, 2022

7 Reasons to hire an architect

1 – Architects can stretch your budget

Your project starts out with two competing factors: Wish List and Budget. Sometimes not everything on your Wish List can happen within your budget. But an architect will help you get as much value as possible. And, they can suggest alternative solutions you may not think of.

At Haven, we always put you and your needs first.

2 – Architects are not an expensive luxury

Good architectural design will increase the value of your home, making it a great return on your investment (ROI) should you decide to sell. And the fees are only a small percentage of the overall building costs. Those fees are often offset through efficient design, detailed documentation, and reduced materials costs.

3 – Architects can save you money

Your architect has an ongoing relationship with your contractor, allowing your design to be more efficient and cost-effective, and can often get better pricing on building materials than you might find on your own.

At Haven, our architectural design, precise drawings, process management, and construction experience help make the process run smoothly, preventing costly overruns and last-minute changes.

4 – Sustainability

Your architect is well versed in the types of materials and practices that will lower environmental impact.

The designers at Haven take into consideration the building’s orientation on the property to best utilize natural sunlight and shading. In addition, site topography, wind, vegetation, and other factors are evaluated when designing your home.

One aspect not often considered is the ongoing costs of a home after it is built. Heating, lighting, and other energy demands can be managed with a well-designed home.

5 – Architects can save you time and headaches

As your journey from idea to finished building progresses, your architect can smooth out the bumps in the road. The challenges can be many, but you don’t need to worry; an experienced architect will handle them all for you.

A good architect is experienced in
• Feasibility analysis
• Permit coordination
• Construction documents
• Construction observation

And, Haven architects have actual construction experience, which translates into more precise design and good communication with your contractor. We have even built several of our own homes.

6 – Architects are creative thinkers

Your architect can often surprise you with ideas you might not have thought of. Ways to design your home around your lifestyle, considering such things as traffic flow through the building, entertaining friends, family interaction, and unique ways of creating space.

7 – A good architect listens

Every architect is different. It’s important you find one who puts his or her ego aside and listens to your hopes and dreams for your new home.

At Haven, we offer a stress-free environment and friendly staff. We build a relationship of trust by putting your needs above our own. From our very first meeting, you’ll find we do more listening than talking.

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