Oct 5, 2022


I don’t even know where this desk concept started. The idea existed before I started here more then a year ago. Like many designs the execution resembled a game of telephone where the result only loosely resembled the original idea. I think Sean started the concept, then it went to Amy, then they dropped it on me to organize the build.

The design called for rustic reclaimed beams which formed the front facade. Luckily Sean knows a source who has supplied reclaimed wood for other projects (such as our beautiful stair treads). Csaba @ Northwest Reclaimed (instagram). Sean and I went out to to woodlot and it was a total dream. So much incredible wood with character to look through. We could have spent hours but we have families to return to so we had to feign some level of urgency. We selected some beams from an old barn which had hand hewn marks and old mortise and tenons. Csaba was kind enough to prep and rip and trim them for us. Without his tools and expertise it would have been very time consuming and challenging. There’s no substitute for a bandsaw mill when you need one.

I took them and sanded and stained and worked them to get them to a completed state. They needed somewhere to off-gas and chill while we worked on the rest of the project. I left them in my barn on my old tractor. They seemed so at home there.

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