New Office

New Office

New Office



Known for our successful mixed-use designs, we decided it was time to design one for ourselves.

From advising so many on how to maximize one’s investment opportunity, Haven thought it was time to venture into its own mixed-use development. After finding an ideal lot that allows for maximizing the footprint and density, the team got to work on figuring out how six units were going to fit on a less than a 6,000-square-foot lot. Designing for a living, the team had plenty of ideas but even architects have budgets. The result was to create two similar layouts, turn one ninety degrees and pull the two forms apart to create an interior shared courtyard. This allows for a dynamic design on the exterior while having repetitive interior designs to streamline the construction process. Every square inch of the site is maximized and still provides private exterior space for each tenant. Of the six units, five are residences, and Haven’s new workshop is on the corner.

Features include:
Features: 2-story office • 2-story apartments • flats on the third story with great views • shared courtyard • Square footage: 7,200 square feet total, ~1,200 square feet for each unit


Construction: Bellingham Builders    Photography: Greenwoods Photographic Arts

Country Cottage

Country Cottage

Country Cottage


John & Sue’s JOURNEY

The path toward your new home can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to –– not if you have the right guide. Here’s a closeup look at one couple’s adventure.

This home takes full advantage of the expansive bay views that the site boasts, with a majority of the home’s windows oriented towards the water, and opens onto a large deck. Being in the Northwest, part of the deck is covered with infrared heat panels, making it a prime spot for relaxing and barbecuing. The exterior is clad in untreated Alaskan Yellow Cedar which will turn a nice silver color as it weathers. The living room features a floor-to-ceiling rock fireplace with the hearth extending the full width of the room, creating great spaces for reading and storage. Through the use of car decking as the finish floor material on the upper level, the floor framing and beam structure are able to be exposed creating an inviting and warm finish to the overall space.

Features: 3 bedroom, 2 bath • Carport with secure storage • Covered deck equipped with infrared heat panels • 1,800 sq. ft.


This was to be their second home… a getaway. They wanted a cottage feeling, a relaxed atmosphere with a big open living space including a loft.

The client also wanted a second master bedroom downstairs in case they decided to make this their retirement home and age would prevent them from sleeping upstairs. But for now, it would be a guest room.

They wanted to use natural materials throughout the home with as much exposed wood as possible. They were very specific in wanting no drywall.


Traditional Home
Traditional living room
Living room
Dining and Living space


We designed the home with an exposed wood ceiling. The wood for the floor above was also the exposed ceiling for the kitchen below.

We placed large windows in the front facing their view of the Georgia Straights. This let in as much natural light as possible. So much so, that they needed very little indoor lighting during the day.

Instead of drywall, we used shiplap on the walls with a transparent stain to show the grain.

We used Alaskan yellow cedar for siding, leaving it unfinished, allowing it to silver with age.


Normally, we work with the contractor from the beginning of a project to assure everyone is on the same page regarding the budget.

But in this case, the client wanted the drawings first so they could get bids from several contractors. We designed the project, then they bid it out. This was a unique approach, but once a contractor was chosen, the drawings helped keep the project on budget.




Music room balcony
Living room
Open Bifold door to outside


Construction and other documents required quite a bit of detail because of the unique approach to the building, including special materials, the exposed car decking in the kitchen, exposed beams, and shiplap.






Permitting for this site was a bit of a challenge. We had to be aware of archeological concerns to be sure we weren’t disturbing any Native American middens, or other historical artifacts. Fortunately, there weren’t any.

Due to the weather conditions in the area, storm water runoff could have been an issue. We were only allowed 2500 square feet of impervious surface, including the house and driveway. So we had to get creative

We designed a rain garden to absorb the excess water. A rain garden is a recess in the ground that the water can drain into and then soak into the soil without sending it offsite. It was planted with native plants to control all the water. The rain garden was designed with a grid system strong enough to support fire trucks.

Zero Energy Livingroom
Stick construction
Shed construction
Country Cabin construcion


Construction went very well. The contractor appreciated the detailed construction documents, and we were very happy with their timelines and quality of work.








Construction: Janzen Custom Builders    Photography: Jim W. Smith





Family Gathering

Family is important in any home design. In this case, the client wanted areas in her home where her visiting family (and grandchildren) could have their own space for extended stays.

Our client wanted a contemporary home that fit well within a forested setting.

And, motivated by the Covid restrictions, she wanted her home to be a comfortable refuge for her family, allowing them plenty of private space for extended stays.

The building is surrounded by windows to give a feeling of living within the environment instead of being separated from it.

There are separate entries into the house, two master suites, one near the front and one in the back, with adjoining children’s rooms. This gives her family some privacy while still sharing the living room and kitchen areas.

Features: Covered outdoor entertainment space • Private pet area • Lots of wall space for artwork • corten steel wall feature


Photography: Greenwoods Photographic Arts





K & L Media, publisher

Is your business expanding? Do you need to plan for future growth? See how we helped one such company turn a warehouse building into a beautiful office and production space.

K&L Media publishes Bellingham Alive magazine, North Sound Life Guestbook, Couture Weddings, and several other publications. The growing company needed expandable space with separate production and reception areas.

They also wanted to accommodate a second tenant with secure offices and a conference room.

This was a conversion of an existing warehouse. Its only daylight source came from just one wall. We knew we had to capture as much of that light as possible. So we designed the production rooms without ceilings. This allowed the light falling on the front reception area to spill over the walls into the production spaces.

We also included additional space in a mezzanine to allow for the continued expansion of their thriving business.

Open ceiling partition walls provide daylight • Inviting office and conference room • Secure second tenant offices • Expandability


Construction: By Owner    Photography: Jim W. Smith

Full Remodel

Full Remodel

Full Remodel


New from Old

Do you like where you’re living, but your house needs some serious work, maybe even a complete remodeling? We can help.

This was a full house remodel addition including the basement, main floor, and upper floor. They wanted an outside view overlooking the water, so we added a porch on the upper floor.

As this would possibly be their last home, we design it to allow handicapped access from the alley to the main floor.

The old home had water infiltration in its basement that we resolved with proper sealing and drainage.

Features: Waterfront view from top floor • Large outdoor entertainment space • Handicap accessibility


Construction: Hindman Construction