Jan 26, 2023

Traditional Net Zero home
Sean & Jaimi Hegstad’s new home

The 33-panel system installed on Sean & Jaimi’s house will create an average of 25 kWh every day. With electric appliances and heat, it’s not clear how much energy the Hegstad family will use annually. But with rebates currently available, the Hegstads will receive an annual check from PSE based on the kWh their panels produced.

New tech

Solar panel technology has come a long way in the past few years. Previously, it was only recommended to install solar panels exposed to the south and propped at an angle equal to your latitude. For us here in the Northwest, that means 45 degrees (or a 12:12 roof pitch), which is steep. On the Hegstad Residence there are three locations of solar panels: one catching the suns energy from the east, one from the south, and one from the west. And they’re not at a very steep slope either.

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